Business transformations

Our philosophy

EUC believes that any firm should strive towards continuous improvement. Past success doesn’t guarantee future results without rigorous agility towards rapidly changing external and internal factors. Since each client is unique, we focus on creating added value for you through tailor-made solutions.

Our services

Company Optimization

  • EUC designs optimal business models, lean operational processes and adaptive managerial approach to enable revenue growth and profit improvements.
  • We conduct analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of work activities and re-engineer target operating models to unlock value.

Business Solutions

  • Evaluating and designing company strategy and consulting on sources of financing (e.g. IPO, external funds, loans).
  • Identifying strategic investments and joint venture opportunities and assisting in negotiations with institutional/private investors.

Project Management

  • Preparation of complete credit proposals for banks – including loan structure, application forms, business plan, project documentation, defining collateral options.
  • Support in renegotiation of corporate liabilities and restructuring of bank loans.